Water softener, scalenor
Scalenor | Water softener

We are introducing Electrolysis based and followed by Oxidation and Reduction (REDOX) technology (ISRAEL TECHNOLOGY) SCALENOR also known as Water softener, or Hardness breaker which breaks the Ions of Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Sulphate and Colloidal Silica which are dissolved in the water and keeps them disintegrated and convert from divalent ion to monovalent ion. The conversion is permanent process.

Hard water treated this way acquires the properties of soft water and can dissolve already existing scale. The water viscosity will be reduced when water passes through the SCALENOR, as viscosity reduces, the scale formation properties will be reduced. Periodically, we have to open the SCALENOR and remove the LIME SCALE. Its very Amazing Experiance to Customers.

Water softener

We proud to inform you that we have installed 400 systems in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Makes Hard Water into Soft Water without Salts & Chemicals


1. Platinum coated electrode
2. Unlimited Water Treatment
3. Live results can be viewed
4. No Magnets
5. No Need of Maintenance
6. Affordable Price
7. In Time Service from the Company
8. Long Life of Electrode.

Benefits of Using Hardness Breaker or Water Softener :

1. Protects your Skin & Hair from Dryness.
2. Protects and Extends Life of Appliances.
3. Prevents & Removes Scale, Rust, Corrosion.
4. Prevents Stains on Floors, Easily removes Dirt & Cleans well.
5. Prevents Stains on Utensils, Dishes.
6. Protects Cloth Texture & Colour and cleans perfectly.
7. Crystal Clear and Clean Swimming Pool.
8. Healthy Water for Healthy Growth of Plants.

Our customers can get SCALENOR from our Authorised Distributers at affordable price.

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